Laser cutting services at WK-Bediensysteme: Innovative plastic skin cutting

Cutting, merging, sealing: Laser cutting technology at WK-Bediensysteme

Laser cutting is another step towards quality optimisation for the specialists at WK-Bediensysteme. Laser cutting technology used on work pieces leads to absolutely clean and sharp edges, which provide an optimal accuracy of fit when assembling. In addition, several layers of plastic skins such as the carrier foil, the adhesive foil and the cover foil can be manufactured and merged at the edges in one single process.

Advantages of laser cutting over punching and plotting

When punching or plotting there is a risk that colours will splinter off from the foil and lead to an undesired burr formation at the edge of the work piece. With laser cutting both splintering and burr formation is ruled out. The result is clean, flawless plastic foils for your controls. At WK-Bediensysteme, plastic foils suitable for laser cutting are made from the following materials: polycarbonate, polyester, polyamide and polyethylene terephthalate. Our WK-Bediensysteme specialists are happy to advise you on the benefits and uses of the various plastic foils.

Laser cutting - innovative operating element technology

Quality, experience and innovation are the cornerstones for the creation of modern control systems at WK-Bediensysteme. Laser-cut plastic foils, innovatively milled base plates and responsible assembling ensure that companies from various industries have been the satisfied customers of WK-Bediensysteme for many years.

Rely on advanced technology: We are happy to tell you about the possibilities offered by laser cutting and the production of high-tech controls in person. Contact the team at WK-Bediensysteme without any obligation!