WK-Bediensysteme milling technique: Highest quality for long-lasting base plates

High-quality base plates manufactured in-house by WK-Bediensysteme, Upper Austria

Robust, durable and easy-care base plates are an integral part of our industry and of today’s technology. The WK-Bediensysteme experts produce base plates according to your individual needs using their own milling machinery. The emphasis lies not only on functionality but also on stylish design, since the applications for modern base plates are very diverse - they are used both indoors and outdoors, as well as in both the industrial and public sectors.

Base plates made of various materials for indoor and outdoor use

Our specialists are happy to advise you on the various materials used for base plates and on their many applications. Plastics, aluminium and stainless steel are processed with the WK-Bediensysteme milling machinery to the desired surface finish. The attachment of fasteners, as well as the edging of membrane keyboards, design skins and touch systems, guarantee the perfect coordination of all the required elements.

Great pieces: Base plates and aluminium cases by WK-Bediensysteme

The milling machinery at WK-Bediensysteme produces not only base plates but also aluminium cases in the desired finish. The material thickness can reach up to 300 millimetres – the work piece is milled from a full piece of aluminium. This modern milling technique prevents the ingress of dirt, dust and moisture. Thus the long life of your controls are guaranteed.

Learn more about the capabilities of modern milling techniques and the applications of base plates made from various materials: contact the WK-Bediensysteme mechanical and production engineering team without any obligations!