Optical Bonding – make more out of your optical components

The Optical Bonding technique not only improves the readability of devices but also significantly increases their resilience

Optical Bonding is an adhesive technique that is able to bond optical components such as displays, touchscreens and face-plates. Optical Bonding is a so-called “highly transparent liquid adhesive”, which glues protective layers or protective glass to the top surface of an optical component – without any air bubbles! The decisive factor is that air gaps between the optical components and the protective layers are completely filled during Optical Bonding. This leads to a firmer and more durable connection between individual components and provides the compound with a multitude of additional advantages.

Innovation that speaks for itself – the evolution of Optical Bonding

Our bonding technique was developed in-house and guarantees Optical Bonding at the highest level. The finishing of optical components from very small displays up to 24-inch screens is thus made possible. Displays are not exposed to any temperature work processes during our Optical Bonding method. We use particular UV- and moisture-curing adhesives depending on the product, providing significant advantages over the alternative optical silicones.

Optical Bonding provides a multitude of advantages

Finished components exhibit many great features thanks to Optical Bonding. Both readability and contrast of displays are considerably increased. Since Optical Bonding eliminates the air gap between the individual layers, touch operation can be enhanced; heat dissipation can be increased; moisture penetration can be prevented; and the formation of condensation can be completely excluded. The Optical Bonding process allows your component to be more robust and resistant to mechanical strain. The strong connection of layers creates a type of security glass because individual splinters can’t detach themselves from the compound.

Trust the experienced specialists in Optical Bonding

Do you want to learn more about the in-house Optical Bonding procedure offered by WK-Bediensysteme? Do you want to find out how to significantly extend the lifespan of your components?  Contact us and arrange a free appointment with our team – with no obligations! We are happy to advise you and answer all your questions regarding our company and our Optical Bonding technology.