Innovative touch system technologies & assembling by WK-Bediensysteme

Powerful, robust touch systems for the highest standards

Whether it is in medical engineering, control engineering, mechanical engineering or measurement and regulation technology, modern touch screen solutions offer tremendous user comfort, which you don't want to miss out on nowadays. Particular challenges are the accommodation and functionality of individual modules, as well as their permanent protection. To that end the assembling processes at WK-Bediensysteme meet the highest standards in every sense.

Optimal touch system technology: Full-surface, highly transparent adhesion

At WK-Bediensysteme, touch screens and controls are produced that are able to endure a lot and withstand almost anything. The full-surface, highly transparent adhesion offers crucial advantages: the ingress of dirt, dust and moisture is prevented and the emergence of dirty edges is made impossible. Membrane keyboards and design skins with touch functionality are fitted with high quality base plates at our in-house assembly department. High quality assembling is the guarantee for numerous smooth operating hours.

WK-Bediensysteme: Quality for the highest expectations and hygiene standards

The experts at WK-Bediensysteme are very familiar with the hygiene requirements imposed on technology and industry these days. Thus, the assembling of our touch systems is done in a dedicated clean room. Membrane keyboards and design skins in combination with multi-surface touch laminations offer an absolutely clean surface protection for your touch screens. The highest standards of hygiene are therefore always guaranteed. Learn more about the innovative touch system technologies by WK-Bediensysteme: contact the team at WK-Bediensysteme without any obligation!